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1L hacks you can try at home, or not

You may have tried the new additions to the bunch, our 1L ready to drink Latte and Mocha. Hacking the perfect coffee straight from the carton. So we hacked them even more, with some Latte & Mocha recipes to blow our tiny minds....(results may vary, as we were varying degrees of serious when making these). 


Steam Latte to make a Latte
Kind of obvious but, did you know that you can actually heat up our Latte and Mocha. Shake well and steam, or simply froth via whichever method you use at home to create a delicious hot latte. You can do this with the Mocha too.

Adulting Mini-Milks
For our friends down in the hot southern hemisphere, cool down with some homemade caffeinated mini milks. Just pour the Mocha or Latte into a reusable ice lolly maker. Make sure you stir at half an hour intervals to ensure they set properly. Suck-cess.

Whoat Russians
Craving a White Russian and your local corner shop doesn’t stock coffee liqueur? Well we might be able to save you. This is a faint whiff of the OG, the dude wouldn’t be impressed, but if you have Rum, sugar, vodka and our 1L latte in the house. You can make a pale imitation.

Add 15 ml of rum to 4 heaped teaspoons of sugar, stir, add a 25 ml shot of vodka, add 200 ml of Latte pour over ice.

What do you make of that? Emergency White Russians. 


Virgin Whoat Russian 
Pour latte over ice. We’re being facetious, sorry.


Too busy in the mornings to make either breakfast or coffee? Soak your oats in Mocha overnight, grab as you leave the house, not that any of us leave the house anymore. This is surprisingly good, the sweetness of the oats compliment our Mocha. But on another note, take a break you absolute psychopath.

Put it on your cereal 
You’re too busy in the morning to waste time on both making breakfast and coffee, consume both at the same time. Either pour the latte over your cornflakes or make porridge with our Mocha. Again, read above, take a break.

Let us know if anyone actually tries any of these. Results may vary. Good luck. Send us your other hacks. Have fun.



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