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MF x Fish Pye Pottery

At Minor Figures we love championing artists, creators and makers from all over the world.

On a visit to Cornwall, one of our team met Laura at her Fish Pye Pottery workshop near St Ives. Laura makes beautiful pots and cups in her studio just a stone's throw from the beach, and we loved her and her pottery so much that we asked her to create a collaborative collection of coffee cups for us.

We use these Fish Pye x Minor Figures cups in our office, and now you can also enjoy your coffee from one of these artisan cups. Laura’s Minor Figures collection is comprised of 3 styles, in multiple colours:

- a cappuccino cup (8 oz)
- a flat white cup (6 oz)
- a filter beaker (8 oz)

Minor Figures x Fish Pi Pottery - custom handmade coffee cups 3 models 3 colours

Left to right: cappuccino cup, filter cup, flat white cup.

Each cup is made by hand in her studio on Back Road East in the Downalong area of St Ives, the old fisherman's area, which many famous artists have been calling home over the years.

The cup's outer body is a raw fired clay with a coloured glaze on the inside, giving a lovely tactile finish. Each is stamped with Laura's logo and the Minor Figures' twisted fingers. No two are the same, meaning each cup is a little piece of art in your hand – something to love and use forever.

Will it make your coffee taste better? You decide...




We asked Laura a few questions about herself and her craft, here's what she said:

Minor Figures (MF): How long have you lived in St Ives?

Laura McCrossen (LMC): I moved from Dingle in Ireland and went East to the end of the line to live in St Ives in 1991. The day I moved to St Ives we arrived by train and it was the first time I visited the town, the peace, quiet, and solitude also played a part. I was attracted by both its art history and beautiful beaches, the turquoise sea was a wonderful bonus…

Saint Ives beach summer day

MF: When did you open Fish Pye Pottery?

LMC: Fish Pye opened for business at the beginning of 1994 and I have been practising ever since.

MF: What’s your go-to coffee & who would you most like to share a coffee with?

LMC: I do enjoy drinking a good oat milk flat white in one of my own pots – but another good place to grab a decent coffee is Mount Zion coffee, just off the wharf in St Ives.

It’s only during the last 5 years that I have been using my own pots, I do not know why but it didn’t seem appropriate before.

My ideal coffee companions would be family or friends to either have a good natter with or just sit in peace and enjoy savouring the moment.

MF: Any pointers for people looking to enter the world of ceramics?

LMC: My advice to anyone set on ceramics would be to just to do it, work at it, practise, and put in the person-hours, and eventually one day you can make what you have imagined in your head.

MF: What artists and ceramics maker do you admire?

LMC: Some of the artists I admire most are Grayson Perry and Antony Gormley, whose show I am seeing at the Royal Academy the same day as I am attending a Brexit demonstration. I like Lucy Reid and Hans Coper – they’re both talented ceramic makers.

MF: What keeps you awake at night?

LMC: That would definitely be Brexit!


Your coffee cups are very tactile. Since they arrived they’re always the ones the team go for. It’s great to have something hand-crafted for us to use.

So many thanks for collaborating with us.

Laura’s Fish Pye Pottery shop & workshop can be found here

Fish Pi Pottery shop front


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