Our vision and approach led us to create new and exciting products for the people who make the best coffees and those who love drinking it.


Nitro Cold Brew 

We are trying to make the best iced coffee possible. We choose the in-season coffee, roast and brew at our micro-brewery. We flash brew, then steep for a long period of time to produce a complex and bright flavour. We then serve straight or blended with our oat milk. We write the origin and varietal of the coffee we used on the back of the can, the same way you'd find that information on a bag of specialty coffee.

Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew product range


Oat Milk

The best companion for specialty coffee. 

Coffee is a fruit. If you value the growers, the processing, the roasting and have pulled the perfect shot - don’t compromise it. Allow the brightness and natural character of the espresso to be expressed whenever you drink a latte, flat white, or mocha. When you change roast profile, origin, grind setting, or otherwise you will taste it with our Oat M*lk.

Dairy is the status quo for coffee - not the gold standard.

Minor Figures Oat Milk near the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt


Liquid Chai Concentrate 

As baristas we know that delicious Chai is problematic for busy cafes. The holy trinity of smooth workflow – high quality – low price, is impossible. We developed our Chai Concentrate with the desire to resolve this conflict by producing a quality product that makes the baristas' life easier behind the bar, while being better priced than the competition.

Minor Figures' take on this treasured Indian drink, combines handpicked black tea, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, and black pepper. The Chai is steeped at our microbrewery over the course of an entire day.  Our slow brew process captures the purity, intensity, and depth of every ingredient.

The most beautiful part is how simple it is to prepare at home and in a busy cafe environment - add one part chai to four parts milk. Enjoy either cold over ice or steam/microwave to relish it hot, making it a super versatile drink.

Minor Figures Chai Tea Concentrate product



Minor Figures creates limited edition clothing and products. Like all of our products - our clothing is definitely not fast fashion. They are all made to last, using super high quality, nice material weights, the block and cut are all considered.

Many pieces are made only in limited edition for an event or a season, and we won't redo them again.

We oversee the process to bring clothing and products that are completely original. All products are vegan.

Minor Figures Merch product category


What's next?!

We've got more innovation coming your way: products, cool merch and more - so stay tuned!