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Tab 1 | Ethos

Minor Figures started out life as a little carton of cold-brew and a couple of friends who just really, really like coffee. Our focus to start with was just that - making the perfect coffee with the perfect bean.

One of our founders also founded KeepCup, the reusable coffee mug company, and brought his passion for sustainability with him, but it was a couple of years before we discovered the full extent of our plant-based calling.

Enter James.

Our head product guy, James, went vegan. And the rest is pretty much history - we either had to re-jig our entire product line to go plant-based or lose our head taste-tester. Guess he’s a pretty special guy, because we decided to commit to the plant-based lifestyle with him - which has since snowballed into a full on sustainability mission focused on sourcing principles, carbon neutrality, and becoming a B-Corp.

As Minor Figures has grown, we’ve learnt more about both coffee and business - what we like, what works, and what leaves a bad taste in your mouth. We’re always looking for new ways to improve, grow, change - especially when it comes to sustainability. From reducing our carbon footprint to offsetting the greenhouse gasses we emit, we’re committed to reducing the harm done to the planet and finding ways to create a world we want to live in, supporting communities, restoring ecosystems and biodiversity.