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Tab 5 | Minor Figures is a B Corp!

Only a tiny percentage of the world’s companies are B Corp Certified and 100% carbon neutral. We’re incredibly proud to be among less than 5,000 B Corp companies worldwide who are pioneering a new way to do business.

The B Corp Certification is a new business standard, one which rejects the capitalist ideal of profit above all, perpetuating inequality and harmful environmental practices.  A company with a B Corp Certification has been proven to be meeting high standards of environmental and social performance across all areas of business: financial, people, and sustainability (also known as the triple bottom line). It has a legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. You can read more about what being a B Corp means to us and the steps we took to get there here.

The process was a long one, involving updating our business operations, implementing new policies, enlisting the help of a third party sustainability consultancy, Ecofye, and of course redrafting everything every time we made any changes. Which, for a business growing as fast as Minor Figures, was a lot of changes over a ~2 year period!

We received a final score of 81.8 points. The points system is complex and covers every conceivable element of business. Sometimes we received points for surprising things, such as our monthly wine tasting sessions, which fell under their assessment of ‘Health and Wellness Initiatives’. On the other hand, we lost points simply due to the way the assessment favours certain criteria: where two years ago we would have scored highly in the ‘Internal Promotions’ category, we no longer do thanks to the huge growth of our team over the last two years (the assessment doesn’t favour external hiring). And some areas you’d expect to carry a lot of weight, like offsetting our suppliers’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 100% on top of our own, only afforded us 1.16 points! 

We’re proud to join the small (but growing) percentage of companies who are committing to a new standard for the way business should be done. Companies have the power to have a huge impact on the world - and it's our responsibility to make sure that impact is an overwhelmingly positive one for the planet and the people on it.