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The Good Brew

Brazil Porta Do Ceu (natural), Ethiopia Limu (natural), Ethiopia Mustafa (washed)

Bright, fruity and sessionable, this coffee is roasted to highlight juicy berry flavours. We combine two Ethiopian coffees each with distinct characteristics. A washed Ethiopian with delicate floral aromas, sparkling acidity and tea-like body is matched with a natural processed Ethiopian which is sticky sweet with berry and stone fruit flavour.

About Allpress
We’ve been making specialty espresso for a long time, over thirty years. From humble beginnings at a little coffee cart in Auckland, New Zealand, Allpress Espresso has evolved into a global brand recognised and available throughout the world.

Three decades ago when Michael Allpress set up his first independent coffee cart he wasn’t satisfied with the flavour or attention to detail of the roasted beans on the market at the time. He decided that to get the taste he was after, he’d have to do it himself. He bought a second hand roaster and embarked on a bold entrepreneurial journey fuelled by passion and the search for great flavour.

Every day our team in Dalston, London, roasts our range of specialty grade coffees on our custom built Hot Air Roaster. Our range is designed to suit a variety of tastes and brewing methods, to create the best flavour experience for our customers.