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Blak Nektar 500g Blak Nektar 500g Blak Nektar 500g Blak Nektar 500g Blak Nektar 500g Blak Nektar 500g

Blak Nektar 500g


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Stowaway coffee

Origin: Brazil (Sul de Minas + Cerrado), Guatemala (Huehuetenango)
Process: Natural, pulped natural, fully washed
Elevation: 1100-1465 MASL
Flavour notes: Wine, Buttery, Fruit, Marmalade, Toast

Stowaway continues to delight our taste buds following every single small batch roast. Equally delicious whether it’s a straight ‘pick me up’ espresso shot or as a slightly longer coffee with a little milk – in fact it makes a beautiful flat white!

The Brazil's deliver a comforting buttered toast and roasted almond body while the Guatemala complement perfectly by delivering mature and juicy fruit brightness.

Brew Guide
Espresso – ratio 1:2 (18g coffee to 36g espresso)
Filter – ratio 1:17 (15g coffee to 250g water)

About Blak Nektar
The Blak nektar roastery is based in the south-side of Glasgow, just a stone-throw away from the city . Their aim is to create truly memorable, sustainably sourced coffees that can be enjoyed at home – or on the go.

“When you drink Blak Nektar coffee, you are celebrating every sensory trait, from farm to cup, that contributes to its distinctive flavour and character - and the people who bring them to life. At Black Nektar, we see coffees as sensory expression of their environment. The artwork on each bag embodies the flavours, aromas, colours, shapes, textures and feelings evoked by the coffee contained within. Our ultimate goal is to let the coffees have a voice, enliven your senses and enrich your enjoyment, day after day.” Dr Eduarda Cristovam, Head of Coffee