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Bundle special: Oat Milk + Nitro Cold Brews - PHYSICAL Oat Milk as part of the Bundle Special with Nitro Cold Brews – Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brews Black Mocha Latte – Minor Figures

Bundle special: Oat Milk + Nitro Cold Brews



6L Oat Milk + 12 Nitro Cold Brews — save 15% buying this bundle.


Oat Milk

3x Chai Latte — Cascading spiced tea and Oat Milk.
3x Mocha — Cascading coffee, Oat Milk and cocoa.
3x Latte — Cascading coffee and Oat Milk.
3x Black — Cascading coffee.


Nitro cans are 200ml and the coffee options contain as much caffeine as an espresso.

No dairy. No added sugar.
Brewed in East London.

Store in a cool dry place. After opening keep in the fridge and drink within 3 days.