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Guatemala, Huehuetenango, El Carpintero

Origin: Guatemala, Huehuetenango, El Carpintero
Process : Washed
Varietal : Caturra and Bourbon
Altitude : 1550—1675 MASL
Flavour notes : Floral, macadamia nut, chocolate, citrus

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About Fond
Fond Coffee began as an idea in 2017, we both landed in specialty coffee when we were 18 and soon enough found ourselves learning more and more about all aspects of coffee. Fast forward to Colin's kitchen in 2017 and we had decided to buy a sample roaster we could roast 250g in about 15 minutes. It didn’t take long before we had a friend recommended us to a small coffee shop who were looking for coffee, when we overheard customers comment on how great the coffee was it was such an amazing feeling. 30kg a week as a side hustle on a sample roaster is exhausting whilst working as a barista and pulling all nighters in the kitchen trying to fulfill orders. But the time had come when we had saved enough to upgrade to a big boy roaster. Between attending events and festivals By 2019 we had entered into our first competition and this march we took the plunge to open our first coffee shop. Fuck!