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Perky Blenders Minor Figures Bundle

Perky Blenders Christmas Blend + 1 LOat M*lk


Christmas card or coffee bag? We really can’t tell. This festive beauty sets the scene for the new Christmas Blend from our friends at Perky Blenders. A hearty mix of Brazilian and Kenyan origins, this coffee brings back all the tastes and aromas of Christmases gone by, layering notes of spiced orange and red berries on base of brown sugar, chocolate and hazelnuts. 

Keep it local, especially at Christmas.

Best suited for Espresso + Filter
Process: Washed + Natural
Varietal: Mixed
Origin: Kenya (Mahiga) Brazil (Capim Branco)
Location: Nyeri + Cerrado

Illustrated by fellow East Londoners, Tom & Jess Jones-Berney, a brother and sister design duo also known as Tomartacus.

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