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Origin: Burundi
Farm: Twaranyuzwe
Process: Fully Washed
Variety: Red Bourbon
Elevation: 1800 MASL
Flavour notes: Medium-low acidity, peach, plum & treacle sweetness

Brew Guide
Espresso – ratio 1:2 (18g coffee to 36g espresso)
Filter – ratio 1:17 (15g coffee to 250g water)

About Missing Bean
The Missing Bean began in 2009 when Ori & Vicky opened their café on the busy, student-filled, cobbled streets of Oxford. At the time it was the first independent, specialty coffee shop in the city and brought a new, relaxed dynamic to the traditional nature of Oxford. Thanks to a great reception, Ori decided to use his expertise in coffee roasting to start roasting the Missing Bean’s own coffee from 2014 – establishing the city’s first coffee roastery.

After visiting the Chilchos Valley (a coffee farm in Peru) and seeing first-hand how they operated and treated the work force, Ori wanted immediate involvement at the local scale and so built the roasting business on a direct-trade ethos. This still runs true today, 6 years later, where the Missing Bean now has 6 direct-trade relationships with farms across the world, along with almost 100 wholesale customers across Oxford and the UK, and a busy online shop offering home deliveries of a range of exciting coffees.

The Missing Bean keeps strong ethical and sustainable values close to heart and only works and grows in a way that is considerate to the people involved, the places interacted with and the product that is created. Care, attention and passion from sourcing to roasting. A true farm to cup experience.