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Perky Blenders Winter Blend


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Kenya + Brazil Blend, 250g

Origins: Kenya (Mahiga) + Brazil (Capim Branco)
Locations: Nyeri + Cerrado

Varietals: Mixed
Processes: Washed + Natural

Tasting Notes: Spiced orange, red berries, brown sugar, chocolate and hazelnuts

Brew Guide

Espresso – ratio 1:2 (18g coffee to 36g espresso)
Filter – ratio 1:17 (15g coffee to 250g water)

About Perky Blenders

Perky Blenders is everyone’s favourite, family friendly coffee roaster. Thanks to their all-encompassing online shop you can find a brilliant range of brew methods, cleverly curated coffee and simple to use gift subscriptions. Delivered locally by bicycle or to anywhere in the world; for you, a loved one or your office. Their packaging is excellently eco so you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the planet.