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Colombian Coffee Spotlight

We made the decision to celebrate Colombian coffee many months ago, but it seems all the more relevant now, given the political climate in Colombia. Our hearts go out to our friends and colleagues in Colombia who have been affected by the situation.

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Vote how we offset our carbon emissions

We’ve measured our carbon footprint for the last financial year and we want you to help us decide which projects to invest in! Cast your vote!

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Oat M*lk Refill Stations: Where to Find

You may have seen our snazzy little Oat M*lk Dispensers popping up in local stores that are trying to reduce packaging waste. Well, since September you have helped save over 15,000 cartons by using our Refill Stations!

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You better check yourself before you offset yourself

We only have a certain amount of time to achieve the climate goals set by the Paris agreement before the damage we've made to our planet is irreversible (only 9 years and counting :exploding_head: ...).We could get depressed and give up, or we could all step up our game and do our bit :muscle:

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1L hacks you can try at home, or not

You may have tried the new additions to the bunch, our 1L ready to drink Latte and Mocha. Hacking the perfect coffee straight from the carton. So we hacked them even more, with some Latte & Mocha recipes to blow our tiny minds....(results may vary, as we were varying degrees of serious when making these). 

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Thank You LA for Voating M*lk

We headed to Full Service LA to give away heaps of Oat M*lk as a reminder to register to vote and to encourage switching to a plant-based life.

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Minor Figures Is Now Carbon Neutral

Balancing out the impact we have on the planet is the least we can do. There’s still heaps more to do, and though we can’t kill all of our carbon emissions yet, we are working towards keeping more fossil fuels where they belong – buried in the ground.

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Thank F*ck it's Freedays

Freedays are upon us! This Friday we have a few cafes participating in UK. Just pop down and grab an Oat M*lk coffee on us. It’s our way of helping cafes through this difficult period and helping spread the love for Minor Figures Oat M*lk.

Please enjoy responsibly and be sure to follow any safety guidelines that are in place. Please check cafe opening times, 

Happy Freedays!

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High on Acids

Acidity is a wonderful but slippery term to try to get to grips with. Though often unfairly boxed in with connotations of ‘sourness’ or ‘bitterness’, the natural acidity found in coffee is actually the unsung hero in creating the bold spectrum of far-out flavours in your cup. When cultivated correctly, acids can add brightness, zeal and imagination to your cup, helping to tell the true story of the coffee you’re drinking and illuminate all of the vibrant characteristics of its origin. 

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Loyal to Local - Where to buy Supplies

Our most loyal friends—the cafe stockists who have been with us from day one—are taking the brunt of the uncertainty, the loss in regular customers, and the cash hit.

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MF x Fish Pye Pottery

We embarked on a journey to find like-minded people to create products enriching how we experience coffee...

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Australian Wildfires

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the Australian Bushfires. If you would like to find out more or donate to help, we have compiled some useful links to charities on the front line below. 

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