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Bag in Box (BIB) recycling mailer bag x10 Bag in Box (BIB) recycling mailer bag x10 Bag in Box (BIB) recycling mailer bag x10

Bag in Box (BIB) recycling mailer bag x10


For packaging-free stores ONLY.

We have partnered with Enval to offer a fully recyclable solution for our Oat M*lk Refill Station BIB packaging. This product is for customers of the BIB only. The Mailer Bags come pre-addressed to Enval and are only compatible with the packaging from this product - please don’t purchase with the intent to use it for another product packaging - it won't work! 

This product is sold in a pack of 10 Mailer Bags, with each Mailer Bag accommodating 9 BIB bags, piercers, and tubes.

Our BIB Oat M*lk uses 42% less carbon emissions and 76% less packaging for the same volume of Oat M*lk than a TetraPak. And this recycling program will further reduce the End-Of-Life emissions by -17% or -97% vs Tetra (aka the emissions related to packaging ending up in landfill or being recycled).

How to use this product

  • Once you have an empty BIB bag, squeeze the last drops of Oat M*lk out and place it in the mailer bag along with the tube and piercer. 
  • The mailer bag fits 9 empty bags and can be sent off from any Royal Mail site (or collected along with your other royal mail collections you have in place).
  • Once it reaches the Enval recycling centre, it’ll be processed through their microwave-induced pyrolysis solution to separate the plastic from the aluminium. 
  • Please only include the bag, the piercer, and the tube inside the mailer bag. Anything else will cause major issues at the plant.

PLEASE  make sure that no jubilee clip, no metal, and no cardboard go into the mailer bag because they won’t be processed and/or will lower the quality of the recycled product. Please do not put TetraPak inside. They won't be recycled. This is only for the BIB used in refill stations.

You can check out the FAQs here for more info.