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Do your products contain sugar?

Why and where do you use stevia in your products?

Do the Minor Figures products contain lactose gluten or dairy?

Why do you use rapeseed oil in your Oat M*lk?

Sustainability & Ethics

What are your commitments to sustainability?

How have you become Carbon Neutral? What have you done to offset your carbon emissions?

How do you continue to grow ethically as a company?

Is your packaging 100% recyclable?

Where do you grow your oats?

What do you do with your oat residue?

Where does your coffee come from?

Is your coffee Fairtrade?

Nitro Cold Brew Coffees

What is “nitro”?

What is cold brew?

How much caffeine is in your nitro cold brews?

Why do you package your Nitro in cans?

Wholesale / Coffee Shops / Distribution

Where can I find Minor Figures products?

How can I stock Minor Figures products for my shop/ café?

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery to the UK

Delivery to Europe

Do you offer wholesale discount on large orders?

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